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Here is a little summary of almost everything you need to know about Pub Los Arcos.

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How We Got Here & Why
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Brew, Spirits, & Victuals

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If you reach the ocean, take a left; if you reach the marina, take a right; if you still can´t find us, call a taxi (956-840085)

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How We Got Here & Why

It all started (in Rota, May ‘95) with unemployment. Not the unemployment office, nor the unemployment check, just a general lack of work and severe shortage of income.

Manoli was working 12 hours a day as a cosmetologist and I had just managed to get sh#t-canned (for philosophical differences!) from my latest restaurant gig and was playing bass and singing in a part-time band called the Heavers. What’s an immigrant to do? Why, go $50,000 into debt, what else?!

Pub Los Arcos: Open from 1995

Well, 6 ½ months and a whole lotta help later, on Friday, 1DEC95, we opened the doors, took a deep breath, and went to work. Thanks to the hundreds upon hundreds of great people who’ve walked in over the years, we’re still going to work…

Thanks again,

From the kitchen

Pub Los Arcos: Home Made Pub Grub

We offer a short pub menu from the time we open until 03:00, with home made items such as shepherd’s pie, guinness stew, chicken curry, nachos, chicken wings & pasta. Also available are smashed sandwiches (ham, turkey, etc…).

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Pub Los Arcos: History

Getting Here

Pub Los Arcos : Getting Here


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