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Here is a little summary of almost everything you need to know about Pub Los Arcos.

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How We Got Here & Why
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Brew, Spirits, & Victuals

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If you reach the ocean, take a left; if you reach the marina, take a right; if you still can´t find us, call a taxi (956-840085)

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Behind The Bar

Brew, Spirits, & Victuals

We’ve always tried to offer new and different products based on local and continued availability (products from the naval base being considered contraband, and thus not available). Sometimes items come and go.

Pub Los Arcos: Cervezas

A few of our shots:

  • Purple haze (look for the jimi hendryx poster)
  • Chocolate china white (edible)
  • Scottish goat f**k (sounds painful because it is!)
  • Don’t touch my peaches… (without asking please)
  • Kwa-kwa (cover, shake, light, cover, extinguish, drink, cover, swallow, breathe, uncover, inhale, cough, order bottle of water)
  • The blue bottle (for welcoming new friends)
Pub Los Arcos: BebidasPub Los Arcos: Bebidas
Pub Los Arcos: I survived the Blue Bottle

We also offer a selection of spanish and imported wines, sangria by the pitcher, glugwein during the holidays, manoli’s authentic mojitos, and much more.

Btw – all dds, dws, and dbs (duty booty) may order espresso, latte, h2o, soft drinks, and juices on the house – just let your server know.

Pub Los Arcos: Shots

From the kitchen

Pub Los Arcos: Home Made Pub Grub

We offer a short pub menu from the time we open until 03:00, with home made items such as shepherd’s pie, guinness stew, chicken curry, nachos, chicken wings & pasta. Also available are smashed sandwiches (ham, turkey, etc…).

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Pub Los Arcos: Behind The Bar

Getting Here

Pub Los Arcos : Getting Here


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Galería de Viejos Clientes y Amigos Old Friends & Faces
Look for these on the wall in the pub
Galería Clientes y Amigos 2 Friends & Faces 2
Shot between Nov. 05-May. 08
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Shot between May. 08-Now
Galería sobre Música en Vivo Live Music
Rock & blues based gigs without cover charge.
Galería Chicas For The Girls
Just because they deserve it
Pub Los Arcos

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    I am american looking for a bass and drummer. I moved to Rota last year, I sing, write songs, play ...
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    Mike O 19.02.2016 11:12
    Im an American singer song writer living now in Rota, and am looking to meet other musicans that want ...
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