Parties, Events & Live Music

We regularly host promo parties, usually based on a specific product such as Jagermeister, Bacardi, etc…

These normally occur about once a month +/- and involve swag (t-shirts, hats, knapsacks, and other goofy party s**t) given to customers by a pr rep(s) and/or the bar staff. Impromptu swap meets tend to start shortly there after.

Pub Los Arcos: Parties & Events

We’ve had the pleasure of having had many special events take place at the pub over the years including birthdays, wedding after parties, promotions, re-enlistments, and hails & farewells.

We also celebrate Halloween, the New year, Carnival, and St. Patrick’s day every year.

St. Patrick's en Los Arcos

Live music happens occasionally (usually on a saturday night) and generally is rock / blues based, although not exclusively. There is no cover charge.

If you would like to plan an event with us, pls drop by or call 956-841561.

From the kitchen

Pub Los Arcos: Home Made Pub Grub

We offer a short pub menu from the time we open until 03:00, with home made items such as shepherd’s pie, guinness stew, chicken curry, nachos, chicken wings & pasta. Also available are smashed sandwiches (ham, turkey, etc…).

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Pub Los Arcos: Parties, Events & Live Music


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Galería de Viejos Clientes y Amigos Old Friends & Faces
Look for these on the wall in the pub
Galería Clientes y Amigos 2 Friends & Faces 2
Shot between Nov. 05-May. 08
Galería Clientes y Amigos 3 Friends & Faces 3
Shot between May. 08-Now
Galería sobre Música en Vivo Live Music
Rock & blues based gigs without cover charge.
Galería Chicas For The Girls
Just because they deserve it
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